Construct 2D CAD

New Version 1.5!

Construct is a 2D CAD program licensed under the GPL that uses the AutoCAD DXF format.
It is written primarily for the Sharp Zaurus PDA.

Screenshot #12 Screenshot #14

The new version of Construct is significantly improved. For those of you that have version 1.0, I strongly recommend you to upgrade. If you haven't tried it before, now would be a supurb time to download it and give it a whirl! The ipk can be found here: construct_1_5_arm.ipk.

Summary of new features:

Source Download

v1.0 construct-1.0.tar.gz

Binary Download

3/3/2003 v1.5 construct_1_5_arm.ipk
  v1.0 construct_1.0_arm.ipk

Construct is written and maintained by:
Brandon L. Callison <>