IP cameras

I like working with embedded systems and IP cameras are basically embedded systems with cameras, GPIO, and Ethernet attached. Perhaps best of all is how cheap they are on eBay.

Manufacturer Model Linux? Notes
Gadspot NC800 RTOS Possibly SQ610D SoC
Gadspot NC1000-L10 Yes Same as the NC1000-W10
Gadspot NC1000-W10 Yes
Gadspot NC1200 Yes Possibly the same as the NC1000
Vivotek PT3112 No
Vivotek PT3117 No PT3112 + 802.11
Vivotek PZ6112 No
Vivotek PZ6114 No PZ6112 + 802.11
Vivotek PT7135 Yes GPL code
Vivotek PT7137 Yes PT7135 + 802.11, GPL code

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