The NC1000-W10 was a wireless camera made by some random company in China and OEMed by a number of companies.


It seems this camera started its life as a development kit from HHCN in China. It uses a Winbond W90N740 chip. Links to the uClinux development environment are on the W90N740 page.


The firmware that comes on the controller appears to be a standard build from the OEM with just the logo JPG changed to whatever company is selling it. There are two main worker programs, camera.flat and mctest, for which the source code is not currently available.

The main focus of making a free firmware bundle would be to rewrite these programs. camera.flat provides the web server, camera interfaces, and audio streaming.

I have built some firmware bundles for testing that add useful features:

Creating Firmware Bundles

The firmware bundle read by the software has a 20 byte header followed by a Linux kernel in a ZIP file and then the ROMFS image.

Some software you try to build won't work. You might need to add these to the Makefile or the command line when compiling:

CFLAGS="-D__PIC__ --fpic -msingle-pic-base" LDFLAGS="-Wl,-elf2flt="-z""

Maintenance Connector

200px|thumb|right The board has a 2x10 header on it right next to the W90N740 processor. It has JTAG and serial port connections to it. Note that the VCC connection is +5V and the TTL logic is 3.3V, so you can't use the VCC pin for a TTL-to-RS232 converter.

Also Known As (AKA)

  • Bluewireless NC1000-W10
  • Gadspot NC1000-W10
  • Vcenter NC1000-W10
  • Oren IC-300

External References

CCCMz NC1600 page on the WayBack Machine.

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