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Welcome to the home page of Kenny Root. This site is mostly notes I have kept for myself although others may find it useful as well. If you're looking for something in particular, use the search box in the menu.

I've done various things with computers: wrote the ConnectBot secure shell application for the Android platform, hacked on the NC1000-W10 wireless camera which might help users of other similar IP cameras.

I am learning the Cantonese dialect of Chinese as well as the Mandarin dialect. I've collected a lot of notes I've made during the journey. 我也学习汉字。 You should always keep learning even if it's esoteric things like electrician's jargon.

I started taking notes for an electric motorcycle project that may never actually happen. Hopefully there will be affordable commercial versions soon.

This page at one time ran on MediaWiki. At that time, in order to make it really useful to me, I created a few MediaWiki extensions that did some interesting things.

I'm always planning what I'm going to do next. The wish list helps me keep track of things that I'm interested in. If you have a comment or question, you can use the link in the menu above to contact me.


  • Todo items which has lists of ideas that I hope to get around to eventually.

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