If you're looking for general purpose algorithm knowledge, I recommend reading the following books:

  • Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen, et. al.

    This is the standard university algorithms textbook. It gives a very thorough overview of the theory of algorithms.

  • The Algorithm Design Manual by Skiena

    A great book for when you actually have to use an algorithm. Skiena's philosophy is to think of a problem in such a way that it fits with an existing algorithm and then use that algorithm as it already exists.

  • Concrete Mathematics by Graham, et. al.

    This is another excellent reference for a programmer.

Here are a few notes I've digitized:

  • interview question — A friend's interview problem from
  • KoL Puzzle — Although it's just a game, KoL had a pretty interesting cryptography-style puzzle in it. Unfortunately, it was spoiled before I really finished it.

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