I'm a firm believer in open source software and I always try to make contributions back to the community.

Often times I will have several projects ongoing. I try to keep notes on each project such as my notes on moving to ZFS.

Commercial interest coupled with open source can really help spur its development. Zimbra is a perfect example of this.


I use MOO quite often. I've written things like MOO-XMPP and other feature objects. I mainly hang out on Waterpoint.

Embedded Systems

  • Android — I've been experimenting with this new phone operating system. My first application was a SSH for Android named ConnectBot.
  • NC1000-W10 — A cheap camera running Linux. I posted some hacked firmware that allows you to do more with it. This work can also be extended to other IP cameras.

Home Automation

Several aspects of my house are automated and integrated together. I currently use several software packages to achieve this, but I'd like to reduce as much as possible into embedded devices to conserve on power. Here are some highlights:

  • Asterisk for the phone system.
  • MisterHouse for automation based on X10.
  • MythTV for watching television and recording my favorite shows.
  • ZoneMinder for cameras in my house.
  • My House Layout is presented here as a digraph to get an idea of how it works together.


Kenny Root

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