When I buy another car, it will hopefully be an electric vehicle that can hold 6-7 people. As of 2018, this means the Tesla Model X. I've always wanted to build an electric motorcycle, but that's probably not going to happen without a lot of garage space.

Toyota Prius Plug-In

I love electric cars, but the closest I've come to owning one so far was a Prius Plug-In. It could only go around 12 miles (19 km) on the battery alone, but that was enough to get me to work in the morning.

Audi S4

I used to have an Audi S4 I purchased when I lived in Colorado. It worked very well in the snow. Sadly, I sold it when I moved to California.

  • I soldered together a VAG tool to interface with the car's ECU. You, too, can build one using the OpenDiag plans.

Ducati ST2

I used to own two motorcycles, but the only one I feel worth mentioning is the Ducati ST2. I sold it before moving to Japan, so no more riding for me.

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