I'd really love to get an electric vehicle. Preferably one that goes at highway speeds and can hold 4 people. Unfortunately, none are commercially available. An electric motorcycle would be an acceptable compromise for the short-term.

Audi S4

I have an Audi S4 I purchased when I lived in Colorado. It works very well in the snow; however, I have the opportunity to work on it since I drive a different car daily right now.

  • I've soldered together a VAG tool to interface with the car's ECU. You, too, can build one using the OpenDiag plans.
  • I plan on replacing the stock K03 turbos with K04 turbos. (wishful thinking!)

Ducati ST2

I own two motorcycles, but the only one I feel worth mentioning is the Ducati ST2. I haven't had a chance to ride it in over two four years, so I'm sure there will be tons of work to do on it before it is streetable again :-(


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