Columbia MSCS

As part of my effort to continually learn, I took graduate classes at Columbia University. Here was my planned progression through the MSCS degree. I ended up transfering to Stanford University, though.

Certificate of Professional Achievement in Networking and Systems

  • [COMS W4118: Operating Systems]( *(completed Spring 2008)*
  • CSEE W4119: Computer Networks
  • [COMS E6181: Advanced Internet Services](*(enrolled Fall 2009)*
  • CSOR W4231: Analysis of Algorithms *(completed Summer 2009)*

Master of Science in Computer Science (Network Systems)


Must take 4 of the following.

  • COMS W4118: Operating Systems *(completed Spring 2008)*
  • COMS W4115: Programming Languages and Translators(required)
  • COMS W4156: Advanced Software Engineering
  • CSOR W4231: Analysis of Algorithms *(completed Summer 2009)*
  • COMS W4701: Artificial Intelligence *(not taking)*
  • CSEE W4824: Computer Architecture *(not taking)*

Required Track

  • COMS W4119: Introduction to Computer Networks

Elective Track

4 courses. At least 2 must be 6000-level courses.

Kenny Root

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