Math classes

One should always be learning. This is a progression chart for the various math classes one usually goes through.

math alg Algebra trig Trigonometry alg->trig calc1 Calculus I trig->calc1 calc2 Calculus II calc1->calc2 probstat Probability and Statistics calc1->probstat calc3 Calculus III calc2->calc3 linalg Linear Algebra calc2->linalg diffeq Differential Equations calc3->diffeq anal Analysis calc3->anal canal Combinatorical Analysis calc3->canal comvar Complex Variables diffeq->comvar linalg->canal riem Riemann Surfaces comvar->riem foura Fourier Analysis anal->foura anal->riem refu Real and Functional Analysis anal->refu tprob Theory of Probability refu->tprob stoc Stochastic Processes tprob->stoc

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