Math classes

One should always be learning. A good place to learn math outside of a plain old school is Khan Academy's Math section which goes from Kindergarten to graduate level math classes. It's an amazing resource.

Quite a while ago, I was trying to imagine the progression that one might go through from high school until university. I came up with a chart based on classes that could be taken online from Columbia University if I recall correctly.

mathalgAlgebratrigTrigonometryalg->trigcalc1Calculus Itrig->calc1calc2Calculus IIcalc1->calc2probstatProbability and Statisticscalc1->probstatcalc3Calculus IIIcalc2->calc3linalgLinear Algebracalc2->linalgdiffeqDifferential Equationscalc3->diffeqanalAnalysiscalc3->analcanalCombinatorical Analysiscalc3->canalcomvarComplex Variablesdiffeq->comvarlinalg->canalriemRiemann Surfacescomvar->riemfouraFourier Analysisanal->fouraanal->riemrefuReal and Functional Analysisanal->refutprobTheory of Probabilityrefu->tprobstocStochastic Processestprob->stoc

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