Tinyfugue log rotation

The script below will rotate logs for all currently connected worlds every day at midnight. If you're interested in timestamps in logs, there appears to be a patch for that.

Be sure to define LOGDIR before loading this script:

/def LOGDIR=~/tf/logs/

Log rotation script:

/def rotate_logs = \        /let _curworlds=$(/@listsockets -s) %;\        /eval /echo *** Rotating logs; current worlds: %{_curworlds} %;\        /while ( %{_curworlds} !~ "" ) \                /let _curworld=$(/car %{_curworlds}) %;\                /let _curworlds=$(/cdr %{_curworlds}) %;\                /log -w%{_curworld} off %;\                /log -w%{_curworld} ${LOGDIR}/$[ftime("%Y-%m-%d", time())]_%{_curworld}.log %;\        /done %;\        /unset _rotation_scheduled %;\        /schedule_rotation
/def -Fp50 schedule_rotation = \        /if (_rotation_scheduled) /return 0 %; /endif%;\        /set _rotation_scheduled=1 %;\        /at 00:00 /rotate_logs
/def -Fp100 -h'connect' connect_log = \        /log -w ${LOGDIR}/$[ftime("%Y-%m-%d", time())]_${world_name}.log %;\        /eval /echo -ag -w${world_name} *** ${world_name} log started $(/time %%c) *** %;\        /schedule_rotation
/def -Fp100 -h'disconnect' disconnect_log = \        /eval /echo -ag -w${world_name} *** ${world_name} log ended $(/time %%c) %;\        /log -w${world_name} off
/def -Fiq dc = /if /@dc %*%; /then trigger -hdisconnect %*%; /endif

I recommend combining this with the savehist.tf script. Put the following in your .tfrc to enable that:

/set savehist_dir=~/tf/histories/load savehist.tf/load_histories/repeat -0:05 i /save_histories_inc

Kenny Root

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